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Trolley Bags – Make Grocery Shopping a Breeze

Trolley Bags

A new approach to reusable bags for your grocery shopping

The bags you can use when you go grocery shopping are changing. With the phasing out of single use plastic bags, you now need to find another solution for packing your bags at the supermarket.

Whether you shop at Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Aldi or another grocery chain, you now need to either purchase bags from the store directly or take your own bags.

One popular option to consider is a trolley bag system. We’ve unpacked the features (get it!!), in this article for you.

A trolley bag system, is often referred to as trolley bags.

Trolley bags are a convenient option for your grocery shopping. Here is how they work:

  1. Put them in your shopping trolley and place your groceries items into them as you shop
  2. Unload your trolley bags at the checkout
  3. Re-pack your groceries into them at the checkout
  4. Take them to your car and pack them into the boot of your car
  5. Unpack them again when you get home

Trolley bags in detail

The term trolley bag is usually used to describe two types of sustainable bags. The first is a group of reusable bags that you use inside your trolley to put your groceries into. Trolley bags look like this:

Trolley Bags

The term trolley bags is also used for stand along shopping carts on wheels. They look like this:

Trolley Bag

In this article we are going to focus on the trolley bag systems you use in your shopping trolley.

Right now, there are a range of trolley bag systems available. The most common system consists of 4 reusable bags that can help you pack your groceries at the supermarket check out.

Once you have unloaded your groceries, you simply move to the other end of the counter to reload your groceries directly into 1 of the 4 reusable bags.

How do they work in your shopping trolley?

The 4 Trolley Bags fan out and stand upright in your shopping trolley, allowing you to use both hands to pack. Big items one end, small items the other end. Here is a picture so you get the general idea:

The Benefits of Trolley Bags

  • They’re reusable
  • You can pack groceries into the bags exactly the way you want them
  • Once you’ve checked out, you simply transfer the bags into the boot of your car
  • Once you get to the car, they easily separate to be placed into the boot one at a time
  • Unpacking your groceries at home is a breeze. Simpy unpack from the bags directly
  • Packing your trolley bags away couldn’t be easier in readiness for your next grocery trip.

The Trolley bags from the original trolley bags company, fit well with shopping trolleys from all major stores in Australia. This  includes Aldi, Coles, Woolworths, IGS and other stores that offer a standard metal frame trolley.

What does a trolley system usually Include?

Trolley systems are increasing in popularity. The most common grocery trolley systems available at the time in writing:

  • Come in various size
  • Are offered in different colours (that means you can use each for a specific grocery type every time – ie freezer items or bathroom etc)
  • Compartments attach to the side of your shopping trolley are affixed with velcro or clips
  • Canvas top section
  • Netted bottom section
  • Designed to fit all supermarket trolleys
  • Some systems use Velcro. Some use clips.

What much do trolley bags cost?

You will see that many new trolley bag products have appeared on the market over the last few months. This is in direct response to the single use plastic bag ban.

The cost for these trolley bags does vary a lot between sellers, especially online on eBay and Amazon.

Many trolley bag brands look exactly the same. And there are a lot of copy cat products around. You need to make sure that you purchase a system built with quality materials.

Look carefully at the details of the product from each seller

  • See what system they use to attach to the side of your trolley Velcro? Clips?
  • Look for machine washable solutions
  • Make sure that they fold/roll up easily
  • Double stitching means the trolley bags are likely to be stronger

When buying a trolley bag system online for your shopping trolley, look for free delivery (always a bonus) AND purchase from a seller with a guarantee. This will protect you if the quality of the product is inferior for any reason.

Are trolley bags worth the cost?

If we judge trolley bags on an average price of say $34.95 for a set of 4 bags, you would need to buy something like 233 thicker plastic bags, 35 $1 bags or 15 $2 bags to break even.

But of course if you re-use the more sustainable bags offered by major supermarket chains, it may be some time before you do break even.

You should also consider the fact that trolley bags are super convenient. Not just when you are packing your bags at the register. The trolley bags are helpful for sorting your groceries during the shop, at the checkout and when you get home. Of course It is tricky to put a price on this convenience.

Now assuming you need to purchase say 6 new bags per shop you have covered your trolley bag cost in 40 grocery shopping trips.

Ready to up your shopping trolley game?

So there you have it. Trolley Bags 101. We think that these systems are worth serious consideration in light of the single use plastic bag ban.

Do you already use trolley bags? What has your experience been like so far? We would love to hear any hints and tips about getting the most out of a trolley bags.

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