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Woolworths | Sustainable Bag Options 101

Woolworths Reusable Bags

Shop at Woolworths? Here are your reusable bag options

Many of you will now know that single use plastic bags have been banned in most states of Australia. This means that you will now need to take your own bags to Woolworths or purchase bags directly from Woolworths when you are in the supermarket.

We have researched all of your options when it comes to shopping at Woolworths

Here are your reusable bag options at Woolworths now that the single use plastic bag ban is in place

  1. Purchase a Woolworths thick plastic reusable bag in store for 15 cents
  2. Purchase a Woolworth Bag for Good in store for 99 cents
  3. Purchase a foldable bag for 99 cents
  4. Purchase a Woolworths chiller bag for $2.49 each
  5. Purchase a Woolworths canvas bag for 99 cents

Other options if you do not want to pay for reusable bags are Woolworths:

  1. Bring your own bags from home (including continuing to use single use plastic bags if you still have a stash at home)
  2. Use a shopping cart or basket
  3. Purchase a shopping trolley packing system (2 sizes for different size trolleys)
  4. Use a retractable bag solution

Here is an infographic of the reusable bags you can purchase from Woolworths:

Woolworths Reusable Bags

Using a trolley bag system at Woolworths

Woolworths has 2 trolley types and 1 basket type. If you plan to use a trolley bag system you need to take note of the trolley bag sizes you purchase. There are 2 designs on the market:

  1. Fits well with the Woolworths full size shopping trolley
  2. Fits well with the Woolworths smaller trolley

What is Woolworths doing about their produce bags (the bags you use for your fruit and vegetables)

There has been no change on this front as yet. Woolworths states that they are in the process of reviewing all of their bagging options. But for now, you will still find single use plastic bags in the fruit and vegetable department at Woolworths.

What about reusable bags used for Woolworths Home Delivery?

Single use plastic bags have also been phased out for home delivery at Woolworths. You now have two options:

  1. Crate to bench service
  2. Reusable thick plastic bags

Let’s have a look at these two options in a little more detail:


Crate to Bench Service option

Your delivery persoWoolworths Crate to Bench basketn will bring your groceries into your kitchen and you unpack your groceries on your bench. Whilst some shoppers are likely to love the convenience of someone coming into their kitchen, other shoppers are likely to find this to be a breach of privacy they are unwilling to give up.

There is a flat fee of $3.50 charged for the Crate to Bench option with Woolworths Home Delivery.

Packing into thick plastic bags

Woolworths will charge a flat rate of $1.00 in addition to your shopping for groceries delivered to your home. Using this service means that the delivery person do not need to come into your home as is the case for the Crate to Bench option above.

Woolworths Reusable Home Delivery Bag

You MUST choose this option or the crate to bench option. Woolworths will not deliver your groceries without you choosing one of these two resuable bag/box options.

How does Woolworths stack up when it comes to sustainable bags?

There is no doubt that you are better to take your own sustainable bags with you when you shop at Woolworths.

Whilst Woolworths is offering a reusable plastic bag option, you may be tempted to use this bag just once and then use it as a bin liner! This will of course have a further detrimental impact on our environment.

Considering some of the other reusable options that Woolworths is offering (see our Infographic above), will mean that you are supporting more sustainable bagging solutions.

There is no doubt that in the first few weeks of changing our shopping habits (and forgetting our sustainable shopping bags from home), we will inevitably need to purchase some bags from supermarkets in store.

Found any creative reusable bag options for your grocery shopping? We would love to hear about them in the comments section below.









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